Japan Wins Asian Cup 2011 – Shibuya Crossing goes even crazier!

After Japan’s victory in the finals of the Asian Cup 2011, people who were watching the game, celebrated in the streets in Shibuya. I took some footage of the famous Shibuya crossing in central Tokyo, where it went crazy. But, see it for yourself:


Tokyo Time Lapse – Odaiba

Hey guys, here is my first try of creating a time lapse video with my new EOS 7D. I wandered around Odaiba in Tokyo bay just about midnight and shot some random footage. The lenses I used were an EF 50mm f/1.4 and an EF-S 15-85 f?4.5-5.6. Please enjoy ->

[map type=”MapTypeId.SATELLITE” width=”640″ height=”300″ address=”日本〒105-0011 東京都港区 芝公園4-2-8″ zoom=”18″ popup=”Tokyo Tower, Tokyo, Japan”]