This is my first attempt in raw 14bit video. Shot as 14bit RAW video using a 5D Mkiii with Magic Lanterns nightly build firmware. The real time (24fps) shots were filmed at 1920×1080 and the slow motion ones at 1920×672 and upscaled.

The post workflow:
1. Conversion of camera raw footage into CinemaDNG using raw2cdng.1.2.1. (16bit)
2. Color correction in Adobe After Effects CC using Camera Raw. Some color correction was done on the DNG files using Lightroom 4.4. Meta data can be written directly to the DNG files and then reloaded into After Effects.
3. Editing using video proxies (otherwise the playback speed on my PC is incredibly slow) and rendering in AE CC.

Notice the incredible amount of recovered highlights and shadow details which would probably not have been possible to that extend using Canon’s build-in 8 bit H.264 video, even using Technicolor’s Cinestyle.
This is my first raw video attempt. So the workflow is probably not the best method. I didn’t use Ginger HDR, for instance. Using DaVinci Resolve Lite would have been better since it uses the camera’s original Bayer pattern for debayering.Anyway, I love the results for this first attempt.
Many thanks to the great work of the Magic Lantern team which made this possible.

Please enjoy,

P.S. The video had to be rendered in H.264 using a f4v container. Some color detail is lost using this format. Uploading the original rendering in an AVI container using the CineForm codec unfortunately failed.

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